We provide surgical treatments for cats, dogs, rabbits and small pets. If your pet requires surgery we will discuss the reasons for this and any likely risks or problems which may occur during or following the procedure. We may recommend that your pet has a blood test prior to surgery so that any subclinical problems can be detected prior to anaesthesia.

DSC_0100Many people are quite concerned when their pet needs surgery, so please do discuss any worries you may have with us. On the day of surgery you are welcome to call us to check on your pet’s progress at any time. We will also ask for contact details for you so that we can keep you informed during the day. Unless it is an emergency situation, surgery is normally carried out in the morning. Please bring your pet to us at the time arranged. You will have been given instructions on fasting your pet prior to surgery. Fasting is necessary to prevent aspiration of stomach contents during anaesthesia or sedation. As a general rule, dogs and cats should be fasted from 8pm the day before surgery. Rabbits and small pets can usually continue to eat as normal. Please follow the individual instructions given for your pet. Before you leave your pet with us you will be asked to sign a consent form. This form gives you information regarding the procedure to be carried out and the estimated cost. There is always some risk with any anaesthetic or surgical procedure but with modern anaesthetic techniques the risk is much lower than it was in the past. If you are concerned about anaesthetic safety please do not hesitate to ask us about this. Your pet will be admitted to our practice and premedication will be given. Nurses begin to monitor your pet now and will continue to do so until they are discharged at the end of the day. While your pet is staying with us their welfare is our highest priority. Your pet’s nurse will ensure that your pet is warm and comfortable throughout the day as well as monitoring their vital signs and clinical condition. They report regularly to the vet who will also be checking your pet frequently throughout the day. Surgery is normally carried out during the morning but you are welcome to call us to check on your pet’s progress at any time. During anaesthesia your pet will be monitored closely and pain relief will always be given prior to your pet waking up so that there is as little discomfort on recovery as possible. Following surgery your pet will remain with us until they have recovered from their anaesthetic and are well enough to go home. This will usually be the same day but occasionally pets may need monitoring for longer. DSC_8528At the time of discharge we will provide you with details of after care and any follow up appointments can be made. Please speak to our vet or nurse if you have any questions or concerns regarding surgical after care. If you are concerned at any time about your pet’s recovery following surgery do not hesitate to contact us and ask for advice.