Veterinary Services

MayfieldVet is a fully equipped small animal practice. We offer a full range of services to clients with dogs, cats, rabbits and small pets such as hamsters and guinea pigs. We even see the occasional chicken! We have high quality modern equipment such as digital x-ray, blood pressure monitoring, haematology and biochemistry analysers on site.

DSC_0353Our vet Sam has undertaken advanced surgery courses and is a confident and competent surgeon. A full range of surgical services are offered from simple spays and castrations to delicate opthalmic surgery, abdominal surgery, complicated wound management cases including those requiring skin grafts and orthopaedic surgery such as cruciate repairs.

We believe our surgical patients need plenty of post operative care too and we make every effort to ensure they are looked after during the post operative period with good levels of pain relief and loads of tender loving care from all of our team. Our patients with medical issues are also well catered for at our practice. Our modern facilities allow for many blood tests to be carried out quickly with results ready within the hour in many cases. Many other diagnostic tests can be carried out at MayfieldVet and we also have a team of visiting experts we can call upon for the more complex cases including a cardiologist and an imaging specialist who visit our practice when required. Many patients with complex and serious medical conditions have made successful recoveries with us over the years. Our patients come with their carers, and it is not just our animal patients who get looked after at MayfieldVet. We pride ourselves on excellent client care and we endeavour to form a good partnership with you in the care of your pet.