Protect your rabbit: £5 off myxomatosis vaccine

Rabbit at the vet Every year we see rabbits with the distressing disease myxomatosis. These cases are more common in spring, summer and early autumn while the weather is still warm. Myxomatosis is a viral disease spread by direct contact with affected rabbits or carried by fleas and mosquitoes which have fed on an affected rabbit. The first signs seen are usually swollen eyes and genitals, conjunctivitis and the rabbit becomes lethargic and loses their appetite. Myxomatosis is usually fatal and there is no specific treatment for it. The most that can be done for an affected rabbit is to alleviate their suffering. The good news is that you protect your rabbit from this horrible disease with a simple vaccination. Now is the time to act before fleas and biting insects become active in the warm spring and summer weather and cause pet rabbits to become ill. Just mention this offer when booking during March 2016 to qualify for £5 off the myxomatosis vaccine at MayfieldVet.